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About Calendar

Consolidating information from liturgical calendars published by St. Herman’s Press, St. John of Kronstadt Press and the Publishing Department of the Moscow Patriarchate, Holy Trinity’s website calendar features an exhaustive catalog of saints highlighting those listed in the official calendar of the Moscow Patriarchate. The website, in both English and Russian, follows the Julian calendar and shows the corresponding dates of the Gregorian calendar for easy reference.

The calendar lists all the dates of Pascha, major feasts, fast periods, fast-free weeks and other minor feasts for every year up through 2099. Unlike other web-based liturgical calendars, Holy Trinity’s has the ability to list the daily Scriptural readings for any year through 2099 in both English and Russian. Likewise, the calendar webpage provides troparions and kontakions, in English and Church Slavonic, for each day’s saints.

Presently the calendar has a very convenient interface. Visitors can find their desired information with the least amount of clicks of the mouse. Also, a convenient search tool was created to search for names of saints – the largest listing of names in the Orthodox internet. Both Russian and English listings are available.

In hopes of expanding accessibility to the Julian liturgical calendar, Holy Trinity’s webmaster has developed a program that enables other parishes to add the liturgical calendar to their websites. A link on the Orthodox calendar page guides webmasters to a separate page containing instructions and code needed to install the calendar on their respective websites.

Initial database and general information used in the Calendar was taken from Orthodox Calendar Online.
Database was updated using Saint Herman Press Calendar, Orthodox Liturgical Calendar of The St. John of Kronstadt Press, Православный церковный календарь (Издательского Совета Русской Православной Церкви) and МИНЕЯ, Издание Московской Патриархии. Lives of the Saints - ORTHODOXY IN CHINA, Orthodox Saints and Feasts.
Troparions and Kontakions - The St. John of Kronstadt Press and Myriobiblos
Icons - Православный календарь.

Another Source of Lives of the Saints, Troparions and Kontakions - Bulgakov Handbook.

The complete text of the “Lives of the Georgian Saints” is used with permission from St. Herman Press, P.O. Box 70, Platina, CA 96076. The book can be purchased online from the St. Herman Press catalog or by contacting the Press via email: