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Today's Scripture Readings

August 12, 2010/July 30, 2010


Parish Life

Maslenitsa Celebration – 19 February

After Liturgy on Sunday, 19 February, we will celebrate the traditional Maslenitsa with stacks of home-made blinchiki and many other side dishes. The blinchiki will be filled with a variety of fillings, both sweet and savory. Cost: $10 per guest (children under 12 are free). Enjoy a plate full of delicious blinchiki plus side dishes. Come join the festivities in the parish hall, support the church and enjoy these delicious delicacies as we prepare for lent. Our Sisterhood members are asked to bring food items. Please contact: Olga Mychko or Oksana Balabay. More information here >>>.

Pilgrimages to the Holy Land in Spring of 2023

The Patriarchal Parishes is organizing pilgrimages to the Holy Land. Details attached below.

To register for a pilgrimage and to receive important updates, Click Here >>>

Multi-Parish Book Discussion: Life of Moses, by St. Gregory of Nyssa

Every Monday, we conduct a weekly book discussion via Zoom. The group for Russian speakers will meet 6:30 – 8:00 PM. The group for English speakers will meet 8:00 – 9:30 PM. We will discuss the book: Life of Moses, by St. Gregory of Nyssa. In this classic, St. Gregory describes the spiritual ascent as taking place in three stages, symbolized by the Lord’s revelation of Himself to Moses, first in light, then in the cloud and, finally, in the dark. Discussion will be led by both Fr. John Vass, and Fr. Joshua Burnett from Holy Cross Antiochian Orthodox Church.

For more details click here >>>

You must register ahead of time to receive reading assignments and log-in information.

KULICH for Pascha – Заказать КУЛИЧ на Пасху

Order by Sunday, March 12, 2023, Order forms available here >>>

Vigil Candles: On the Altar and near St. Barbara

We have three vigil candles that are always burning – two near the large icon of the Holy Great-Martyr Barbara which holds a piece of her relics, and one on the holy altar table. These vigil lights burn from Sunday to Sunday. To have these candles burn 24 hours a day on behalf of someone we are praying for is quite a special blessing. We continue to accept donations to have these three vigil candles burn each week either for the health/salvation of the living and/or in memory of a departed loved one. A $15 donation will keep all three candles lit for one week. Schedule your candle offering with Elena Loyko.

To help the Ukrainian refugees donate to these organizations:

Food Donations

We are collecting long shelf-life food items: flour, rice, pasta products, canned meats, fish, canned soups, powdered soups, cereals, etc. that are packaged in large quantities – the type of packaging that is sold in stores like Costco, BJ’s, Sam’s Club, etc. We will deliver your donations to St. Andrew’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which ships food weekly to help refugees from the war. For more information contact Larisa Hidar.

Helping Civilian Victims of War in Ukraine

There are civilian injuries every day in many different cities in Ukraine. Medical supplies are desperately needed to help innocent victims of war. Hospitals have chronic shortages of compression bandages, tourniquets, and air casts for broken bones. Click here for more details.

  • There is a VERY urgent need for compression bandages.
    One bandage = one saved life.
  • Air Cast walking boots are also in very high demand since the injuries suffered by civilians increase in frequency and severity.
  • Purchases may be made on Amazon, click here!

How to donate these medical supplies?

Option 1: The most convenient and time saving way to help is to purchase these items online and ship them directly to St. Andrew’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church, 15100 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20905.

Option 2: Bring items to our Holy Trinity Church

Clothing is also very much needed

All types of clothing items are needed, especially those items that are not heavy to ship:

  • T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, sweatpants - clothes that are good to wear in a hospital
  • Fleece jackets and lightweight winter coats (no heavy wool jackets)
  • Warm children's clothes
    Bring clothing donations to our Holy Trinity Church.

IMPORTANT: No jeans. No dress shirts. No items that are heavy to ship. All clothes should be new or gently used, clean, and with functioning zippers. For more information contact Larisa Hidar. Thank you!

Coffee Hours

We are happy to announce that Coffee Hour will be offered every Sunday. The menu will be small – just soup and light refreshments. If you would like to sponsor a coffee hour or offer help, please contact Anna-Zumrat Shkurba or Olga Mychko. Also, each week we need volunteers to help with serving and clean up during coffee hour.

Transportation to Church

Do you need transportation to Church? Or would you be able to bring a parishioner, who doesn’t drive, to church from time to time? If you answered “yes” to either question, please contact Alexey Shevelkin. He is coordinating our parish’s efforts to offer transportation to parishioners who can’t get to church on their own. Thank you for your assistance.

Submit your 2023 Pledge

The mission of our parish is to spread the Word of God, to grow, to expand, to improve, and not just to preserve our traditions. Our parish shouldn’t become stale but pursue holiness. We strive to fulfill the mission of our parish, through prayer, work, and sacrifice. Prayer – because we are called to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17); work – because we are taught to increase the talents given to us (Matt. 25: 14-30); and sacrifice – because "everyone to whom much is given, from him will much be required" (Luke 12:48). Please be generous as the Lord is generous to you. When completing your pledge for the new year, please consider raising your level of giving. Our church cannot operate without your financial contributions. Our parish will grow only through your prayers, work, and generous sacrifice. OFFERING PLEDGE FORM.

When you are generous, you are not bestowing a gift, but repaying a debt. Everything you possess materially comes from God, who created all things. And every spiritual and moral virtue you possess is through divine grace. Thus, you owe everything to God. More than that, God has given you his Son, to show you how to live: how to use your material possessions, and how to grow in moral and spiritual virtue. ---St. John Chrysostom

O Lord Save and Preserve

With much anguish we see the tragic events continuing in Ukraine. More than five million refugees have fled the country, and thousands of civilians and soldiers have been killed in this fratricidal war between two Orthodox countries. Countless others are injured, displaced and at the threshold of economic ruin. So much death, destruction, suffering and hatred have been caused by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

As Orthodox Christians, we do not support violence and aggression. We fervently pray for the immediate cessation of bloodshed, for the complete restoration of peace, for the well-being of the people in Ukraine and for the rebuilding of Christian love between the peoples of Russia and Ukraine. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ commands us to love one another as our Heavenly Father loves us.

Let us always remember that first and foremost, we are Orthodox Christians. And our Holy Orthodox Church, throughout history, has united Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, and people of all ethnicities into the one, true, Orthodox faith.

We are brothers and sisters in Christ, and because we are brothers and sisters, we cannot stand idle or keep silent during these dreadful days. Our parish continues to collect funds to help the suffering people of Ukraine. We keep praying for peace, and we call upon our hierarchs to do everything in their power to stop hostilities. Lord have mercy!

The parish of Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church does not have any affiliation with the Russian or American governments. We receive no financial support from any governmental or church institutions. Our entire budget (100%) is funded by the generous donations of our parishioners and friends and by the various fundraising events we conduct.