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Today's Scripture Readings

August 12, 2010/July 30, 2010


Parish Life

Installation of Parish Council Officers

Sunday, January 16th at the end of the Divine Liturgy we will conduct the installation of the Parish Council Officers for the Year 2022. May God bless their work for our parish.

Submit your 2022 Pledge

The mission of our parish is to spread the Word of God, to grow, to expand, to improve, and not just to preserve our traditions. Our parish shouldn’t become stale but pursue holiness. We strive to fulfill the mission of our parish, through prayer, work, and sacrifice. Prayer – because we are called to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17); work – because we are taught to increase the talents given to us (Matt. 25: 14-30); and sacrifice – because "everyone to whom much is given, from him will much be required" (Luke 12:48). Please be generous as the Lord is generous to you. When completing your pledge for the new year, please consider raising your level of giving. Our church cannot operate without your financial contributions. Our parish will grow only through your prayers, work, and generous sacrifice.

Book Discussion

Starting on Monday, December 6, we will conduct a weekly book discussion via Zoom. The group for English speakers will meet 6:30 – 8:00 PM. The group for Russian speakers will meet 8:00 – 9:30 PM. We will discuss two books: (1) On the Incarnation by St. Athanasius the Great and (2) On the Holy Icons by St. Theodore the Studite. These Patristic books provide a clear dogmatic explanation of the natures of Christ and how we express this truth in holy icons.

You must register ahead of time to receive reading assignments and log in information:

(1) On the Incarnation is available at the following bookstores:
St. Tikhon’s Press Bookstore, Ancient Faith Bookstore, and Amazon.

(2) On the Holy Icons is available at the following bookstores:
St. Tikhon’s Press Bookstore, and Amazon.

Книга Слово о Воплощении доступна бесплатно в Интернете здесь
Книга Слово о Святых Иконах доступна бесплатно в Интернете здесь

Transportation to Church

Do you need transportation to Church? Or would you be able to bring a parishioner, who doesn’t drive, to church from time to time? If you answered “yes” to either question, please contact Alexey Shevelkin. He is coordinating our parish’s efforts to offer transportation to parishioners who can’t get to church on their own. Thank you for your assistance.

Charitable Projects of the Sisterhood of St. Catherine

Support of "Sleep in Heavenly Peace"

Our parish Sisterhood is accepting donations in support of Sleep in Heavenly Peace. This non-profit organization provides beds to children in low-income families, so that no one has to sleep on the floor. You may donate mattresses, blankets or monetary contributions. Click here for more details. Thank you for your support.

2021 Appeal for Bethany Orthodox School for Girls

The Bethany Orthodox School for Girls in Bethany, Palestine requests donations to help them meet immediate infrastructure needs. In the past 14 months, the Bethany Orthodox School for Girls has suffered an unprecedented level of financial and logistical difficulties. Lockdowns, financial pressure on the families of students, non-existent donations from visiting pilgrims and a drop in international donations from parishes and individuals within the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia have all taken a toll. The challenges are many and the need to support has never been greater.

To make a Donation go here >>>