Saint Abraham's Niece, the Nun Maria

Commemorated on October 29

      Saint Abraham's Niece, the Nun Maria, grew up being edified by his spiritual instruction. But the enemy of the race of man tried to turn her from the true path. At twenty-seven years of age she left her cell, went to another city and began to live dissolutely. Learning of this, the Monk Abraham donned himself in soldier's garb, so that he should not be recognised, and he set off to the city. He sought out his niece and brought her to repentance. The Nun Maria returned to her cell and spent all the rest of her days in prayer and tears of repentance. The Lord vouchsafed her the gift of healing the sick. She died five years after the Monk Abraham.

© 1996-2001 by translator Fr. S. Janos.