Blessed Andrew, Fool-for-Christ

Commemorated on October 2

      Blessed Andrew, Fool-for-Christ, was a Slav and he lived in the X Century at Constantinople. From his early years he loved God's Church and the Holy Scriptures. One time during a dream-vision the saint beheld two armies. In the one were men in radiant garb, in the other – black and fiercesome devils. An Angel of God, which held in hand wondrous crowns, said to Andrew, that these crowns – were not adornments from the earthly world, but rather a celestial treasure, with which the Lord rewards His warriors, victorious over the dark hordes. "Proceed with this good deed, – said the Angel to Andrew, – be a fool for My sake and much wilt thou receive in the day of My Kingdom". The saint perceived, that it was the Lord Himself summoning him to this deed. And from that time Andrew began to go about the streets in rags, as though his mind had become muddled. For many years the saint endured mockery and insults. With indifference he underwent beatings, hunger and thirst, cold and heat, begging alms and giving them away to others of the poor. For his great forebearance and humility the saint received from the Lord the gift of prophecy and perspicacity, saving many from perils of soul, and he unmasked many an impiety.
      During a time of prayer at the Blakhernae church, Saint Andrew was vouchsafed to behold the MostHoly Mother of God, veiling those praying with Her omophor (the account of this is under 1 October). Blessed Andrew died in the year 936.


© 1996-2001 by translator Fr. S. Janos.