The Holy Icon of the Mother of God, named the Igritsk

Commemorated on July 28

      The Holy Icon of the Mother of God, named the Igritsk, appeared in the year 1624 in the locale of Igritsa at the River Pesochna not far from the city of Kostroma. Local peasants found the icon in an old half-ruined church, being during the course of 50 years fully left neglected after a deadly plague. The icon stood in the altar and shone with bright hues, as though newly written. After the first molieben served in front of this holy icon, a boyar's (nobleman's) blind son Emilian gained his sight. Then four pious Christians stayed to live around the desolate church and took monastic vows. At the place of the appearance of the icon of the Mother of God there afterwards was built a new church and a monastic community emerged.

© 1996-2001 by translator Fr. S. Janos.