The Monk Limnios

Commemorated on February 22

      The Monk Limnios began his efforts under the guidance of the Monk Thalassios and dwelt with him for a sufficiently long time to acquire the virtues of his teacher – simplicity of manner, gentleness and humility. Then the Monk Limnios went over to the Monk Maron (Comm. 14 February). Atop an hill he made himself a small enclosure from stone without a roof, and through a small aperture in it, he conversed with those who came. His heart was full of compassion for people. Wanting to the extent of his ability to help all the destitute, and with the help of his admirers, he built on the hillside a wanderers home – a dwelling for the poor and the crippled, and he fed them with what was brought him by pious people. The holy ascetic even sacrificed for these poor brethren his own quiet and solitude and took upon himself concern about their spiritual nourishment, inducing them to pray and glorify the Lord. For his holy life he was granted the gift of wonderworking.

© 1996-2001 by translator Fr. S. Janos.