The Prophet Zechariah (Zakhariah) the Sickle-Seer from amongst the 12Minor Prophets

Commemorated on February 8

      The Prophet Zechariah (Zakhariah) the Sickle-Seer from amongst the 12 Minor Prophets was descended from the Levite tribe, called in the Book of Nehemiah-Ezra the chief priestly lineage. He was called to prophetic service at a young age and became, in the wondrous expression of churchly song, "a spectator of supra-worldly visions". In particular within the Book of the Prophet Zechariah there is contained inspired details about the coming of the Messiah (6: 12); about the last days of the earthly life of the Saviour, and about the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem on a young donkey (9: 9); about the betrayal of the Lord for 30 pieces of silver and the purchase with them of the potter's field (11: 12-13); about the piercing of the side of the Saviour (12: 10); about the scattering of the apostles from the Garden of Gethsemane (13: 7); about the sun's eclipse at the time of the sufferings on the Cross of the Saviour (14: 6-7). "Enlightened by dawnings all above", the Prophet Zechariah "saw the future as the presently existing". According to tradition, this "most true God-proclaimer" lived to old age and was buried not far from Jerusalem, alongside his illustrious contemporary and companion the Prophet Haggai. The title "Sickle-Seer" given Zechariah is connected to one of the revelations to him, in which he saw a scroll flying in the air, curved to the likeness of a menacing sickle (5: 1-2).


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