Sainted Theoktist, Archbishop of Novgorod

Commemorated on December 23, January 23

      Sainted Theoktist, Archbishop of Novgorod, prior to taking the cathedra-seat, was hegumen of the Annunciation monastery near Novgorod. After the death of archbishop Clement in the year 1300, the Novgorod people chose him as their Vladyka, and metropolitan Maxim with the Russian bishops Simeon of Rostov and Andrew of Tver ordained Saint Theoktist as bishop of Novgorod. A chief concern of Vladyka Theoktist was the renovation and building of churches. He himself consecrated cathedrals in the name of Saints Boris and Gleb and in the name of the Holy Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council. Under him was set in good order the monastery at Valaamo. In the year 1307, because of poor health, the saint withdrew to the Annunciation monastery, where he dwelt right up to his death, devoting himself to the ascetic deed of silence. The glorification of Saint Theoktist, owing to miraculous healings by his relics, was made in the year 1664. In 1786 the relics of the saint were transferred to Yur'ev, where archimandrite Photii constructed at the local cathedral a chapel in his honour.

© 1996-2001 by translator Fr. S. Janos.