The Sobor-Assemblage of Serbian Sainted-Hierarchs

Commemorated on August 30

      The Sobor-Assemblage of Serbian Sainted-Hierarchs celebrates arch-pastors of the Serbian Church of the XIII-XIV Centuries. The majority of them, in addition to this general commemoration, have individual days of celebration: Sainted Archbishop Savva I ‑- 12 January; Sainted Archbishop Arsenii I – 28 October; Sainted Archbishop Savva II – 8 February; Sainted Archbishop Evstaphii I – 4 January; Sainted Archbishop Nikodom – 11 May; Sainted Archbishop Daniel – 20 December; Sainted Patriarch Joannikii II – 3 September; Sainted Patriarch Ephrem II – 15 June.

© 1996-2001 by translator Fr. S. Janos.