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Parish Choir

Everyone who walks into the church, is expected to come with “faith, reverence and the fear of God.” The icons show us that the church is the threshold to heaven, where the angels glorify God and the saints intercede on our behalf. The clergy stand in the place of Christ teaching the faithful and celebrating the Mysteries of God for the sanctification of all. And the choir, not only represents all the laity, by offering responses to the litanies, but more importantly inspire the laity to prayer. The beauty of the singing softens everyone’s heart. The choir, through singing, helps to profoundly impress the holy word upon the congregation not only mentally, but also emotionally; so that they can hear what otherwise cannot be heard. The clarity and attentiveness of each member’s voice help everyone in church to “lay aside all earthly cares”. And the prayerfulness of the choir’s singing strengthens the solemnness and reverence of the Divine Service in such a way, that everyone in the church is inspired to pray. In this way we see every Divine Service as “heaven on earth."

Our parish choir is composed of a group of dedicated parishioners committed to this important task and are responsible for not only singing Divine Liturgy, but Vespers, Matins, Feasts, and all the services of their Church. For more information and requirements to join, please contact Choir Director.