Welcome !!! !!!

Thank you for visiting the webpage of the 36th Annual Russian Festival of our parish, Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church. We hope that you will join us as we celebrate the cultural heritage and rich history of our parish.

During this festive weekend, we invite you to sample the many foods, souvenirs and entertainment offered at our Russian Festival. All of the food ranging from the hot dishes and breads to the many desserts was prepared by our own parishioners. Most of the souvenirs have been imported from Russia. Beautiful icons fashioned by the faithful in Russia, dolls, pins, paintings are just some of the beautiful expressions of faith and love witnessed today in Holy Rus. And the entertainment dance groups, choirs and music ensembles we hope will make your feet tap and your hearts sing.

Come and enjoy. Acquaint yourselves with our Russian heritage, make new friends and celebrate with us as we conduct the Russian Festival 2009 !!!

May God bless and preserve you for many years.