The Novonikita Icon

Commemorated on September 15

      The Novonikita Icon is one of the ancient icons of the Mother of God. It appeared to the holy GreatMartyr Nikita (+ 372). The Martyr Nikita was a former soldier and student of Theophilus, Bishop of the Goths. Prior to accepting Baptism from him, Nikita in a dream saw a Child, holding in hand His Cross. Awakening, he for a long time pondered over the meaning of the vision. A certain Christian girl, by the name of Juliania, on an inspiration from God told the youth that he should turn his glance upon his own chest. To his unspeakable astonishment he discovered there on his own chest an image of the Most Holy Mother of God with the Praeternal Christ-Child, standing on the knees of His Mother and holding in hand the Cross. "This is the same image I saw in the dream", cried out Saint Nikita. The appearance of the icon produced such an effect on him, that he quickly took holy Baptism. Soon there began a persecution against Christians, and Saint Nikita accepted the martyr's crown amidst a number of other confessors.

1996-2001 by translator Fr. S. Janos.

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The Novonikita

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