The Transfer of the Relics of the Holy Martyrs, Unmercenaries and Wonderworkers, Cyrus and John

Commemorated on June 28

      The Transfer of the Relics of the Holy Martyrs, Unmercenaries and Wonderworkers, Cyrus and John from the city of Konopa, near Alexandria (where they suffered in the year 311) to the nearby village of Manuphin, was done in the year 412. This Egyptian village prompted fear in everyone, since in a former time there was here a pagan temple and residence of evil spirits. Patriarch Theophilos (385-412) wanted to cleanse this place of demons, but he died. His wish was fulfilled by his successor upon the Alexandrian cathedra-chair, holy Patriarch Cyril (412-444). He prayed fervently in carrying out this project. An Angel of the Lord appeared in a vision to the sainted-hierarch and commanded the venerable relics of Saints Cyrus and John be transferred to Manuphin. His Holiness Patriarch Cyril did the Angel's bidding and built at Manuphin a church in the name of the holy martyrs.
      From that time this place was cleansed from the powers of the enemy, and by the prayers of the holy Martyrs Cyrus and John there began to occur many miracles, healings of the sick and infirm.

      The Holy UnMercenary Cyrus was a noted physician in the city of Alexandria, where he was born and grew up. He was a Christian and he doctored all the sick for free, not only offering help for bodily ills, but healing also infirmities of soul, such as were causes of bodily sickness. Preaching the Gospel teaching, the holy physician converted many pagans to Christ. During the time of the persecution by Diocletian (284-305), Saint Cyrus withdrew into the Arabian wilderness, where he took on the monastic life, and continued there also to doctor people by his prayer, having received from God the gift to heal every sickness.
      In the city of Edessa at this time lived the soldier John, a pious Christian. When the persecution started, he went to Jerusalem and there, hearing about Saint Cyrus, he began to search for him, and he went first to Alexandria and then to Arabia. Having finally found Saint Cyrus, John with all his heart became attached to him and became his faithful follower. They learned that in Egypt in the city of Canopis had been arrested the Christian Athanasia and her three young daughters: Theoktista age 15, Theodotia age 13, and Eudoxia age 11. Saints Cyrus and John hastened to go to them in help, worrying that fear in the face of torture might impel them to renounce Christ. They visited them in prison and gave them courage to stand what was before them. Learning of this, the governor of the city arrested Saints Cyrus and John, and convincing himself of their steadfast and fearless confession of faith in Christ, he gave them over to terrible tortures before the very eyes of Athanasia and her daughters, who in turn bravely endured all the tortures and were beheaded. After them at the same place they executed the holy UnMercenaries Cyrus and John (+ 311). Christians buried their bodies in a church of the holy Disciple and Evangelist Mark. In the V Century the relics of Saints Cyrus and John were transferred from Canopis to Manuphin. Later on their relics were transferred to Rome, and from there to Munchen (Munich) (an account further is located under 28 June).

1996-2001 by translator Fr. S. Janos.

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