Tuesday December 1, 2020 / November 18, 2020

26th Week after Pentecost. Tone eight.
Nativity (St. Philip's Fast). Food with Oil

Martyr Platon of Ancyra (266).
Martyr Romanus the Deacon of Caesarea and child-martyr Barulas of Antioch (303).
St. Nicholas confessor, priest (1948).
Martyrs Zacchaeus the Deacon and Alphaeus, of Caesarea in Palestine (303).
Synaxis of All Saints of Estonia.
St. Mawes, bishop in Cornwall and Brittany (5th c.) (Celtic & British).
St. Mabyn, nun of Cornwall (Celtic & British).
New Martyrs Anastasius of Epirus and Daniel (1750) (Greek).
Martyr Romanus, who suffered under Maximian (305).
St. Odo of Cluny (942) (Gaul).

The Scripture Readings

1 Timothy 1:8-14
Luke 14:25-35


Holy Martyrs Platon and Romanus, Troparion, Tone IV
In their sufferings, O Lord,/ Thy martyrs received imperishable crowns from Thee our God;/ for, possessed of Thy might,/ they set at nought the tormentors and crushed the feeble audacity of the demons.// By their supplications save Thou our souls.

Kontakion, Tone III "Today the Virgin"
Thy holy memory doth gladden the whole world,/ summoning all the faithful to thine all-honorable temple,/ where, assembled now with joy, we chant in hymns amid splendor./ Wherefore, O Platon, we cry out to thee:// Deliver thy city from the invasion of the heathen, O holy one.