All-Russian Sainted Hierarchs Peter, Alexei and Jona

Commemorated on October 5

      The celebration of a day in common to honour the All-Russian Sainted Hierarchs Peter, Alexei and Jona was established by Patriarch Job on 5 October 1596. Sainted Philip was enumerated to it in the year 1875, by petition of Sainted Innocent (Innokentii), Metropolitan of Moscow (Comm. 31 March and 23 September); and Sainted Ermogen – was added only in the year 1913.
      Celebrating the memory of the Sainted-Hierarchs on a day in common, the Church offers each of them equal honour, as heavenly protectors of the city of Moscow and prayerful intercessors for the Fatherland.
      Information about the Lives of the Sainted-Hierarchs is located under the day of their memory:  Saint Peter – 21 December,  Saint Alexei – 12 February,  Saint Jona – 31 March,  Saint Philip – 9 January,  Saint Ermogen – 17 February.


© 1996-2001 by translator Fr. S. Janos.