The Holy Martyrs Manuel and Theodosius

Commemorated on March 27

      The Holy Martyrs Manuel and Theodosius suffered for their faith in Christ in the year 304 in Sirmium. Seeing, how daily the pagans gave Christians over to death, they believed in Christ and resolved to suffer for their faith. They boldly confessed themselves as Christians in front of the governor. The governor and those around him marvelled at their bravery. By order of the governor, they locked up Saints Manuel and Theodosius in prison and put a strict watch over them. After several days the governor gave orders to bring the saints from prison and he began to urge them to renounce Christ and instead offer sacrifice to the idols. The holy martyrs however were steadfast in their confession. Then the governor gave orders to suspend Saints Manuel and Theodosius from a tree and to tear at them with sharp iron hooks, after which they impaled the martyrs on a sharp trident, and finally, they beheaded them.

© 1996-2001 by translator Fr. S. Janos.