The Konevsk Icon of the Mother of God:

Commemorated on July 10

      The Konevsk Icon of the Mother of God: It was with this icon of Greek origin that John, hegumen of one of the Athos monasteries, did bless Saint Arsenii, founder of the Konevsk monastery (the account about him is located under 12 June). The holy icon was glorified by many graced signs. In the year 1610 during an invasion of the Swedes into the Novgorod lands, with the blessing of the Novgorod archbishop Isidor, the icon was transferred from the Konevsk monastery to the Novgorod Derevyanitsk monastery. At this monastery annually on 10 July was made a festal celebration of the MostHoly Mother of God on account of Her holy icon. In the year 1709, with the blessing of the Metropolitan of Peterburg and Novgorod Gavriil, the wonderworking icon was returned to the Konevsk monastery.


© 1996-2001 by translator Fr. S. Janos.