The Monk Agapit of Pechersk, Unmercenary Physician ("Medic"),

Commemorated on June 1

      The Monk Agapit of Pechersk, Unmercenary Physician ("Medic"), born at Kiev, a novice and student of the Monk Antonii of Pechersk, lived during the XI Century. If any of the monastic brethren fell ill, the Monk Agapit came to him and selflessly attended to the sick one; he fed him boiled herbs which he himself prepared, and the patient recovered through the prayers of the monk. Many laymen also turned for help to the monastic physician possessing the gift of healing. In Kiev at this time was an experienced Armenian physician, who by one look at a patient was able to diagnose the nature of the illness and even accurately determine the day of death. When one of these fore-doomed patients turned to Saint Agapit, the grace-bearing healer gave him to taste of food from the monastery refectory, and the patient became well. Enflamed with envy, the physician wanted to poison Saint Agapit, but the Lord preserved the monk, and the poison had no effect.
      Saint Agapit healed the Chernigov prince Vladimir Monomakh, the future GreatPrince of Kiev (1114-1125), by having sent him boiled herbs. The grateful prince himself went to the monastery and wanted to see his healer, but the humble ascetic hid himself and would not accept gifts.
      When the holy healer himself became sick, that same Armenian physician came to him and having taken a look, he said, that death would follow after three days. Before this he gave an oath to became an Orthodox monk, if his prediction were not fulfilled. The monk answered, that the Lord had revealed to him, that He would summon him only after three months.
      Saint Agapit died after three months (1 June, not later than 1095), and the Armenian went to the hegumen of the Pechersk monastery and took monastic vows. "It is certain, that Agapit was a saint of God, said he. I well knew, that it was impossible for him in his sickness to last three days, but the Lord gave him three months". Thus did the monk heal sickness of the soul and guide to the way of salvation.

1996-2001 by translator Fr. S. Janos.

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The Monk Agapit of
Pechersk, Unmercenary Physician ("Medic"),

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