Holy Nobleborn Prince George (Georgii, diminutive Yurii)

Commemorated on February 4

      Holy Nobleborn Prince George (Georgii, diminutive Yurii) was a son of Greatprince Vsevolod, nicknamed "BigNest" ("Bol'shoe Gnesdo"). He was born in the year 1189, and he entered upon the Vladimir greatprincely throne in 1212. He was distinguished for his military valour and his piety. In the year 1237 the Tatar (Mongol) Horde of Batu descended upon the Russian land. Saint George was compelled to leave the capital city in charge of his sons, and set off north to unite up with the other princes. On the day of 4 March 1238 there occurred the Battle at the River Sita, in which the Tatars destroyed the not overly large but nonetheless valiant company of the greatprince. The saint himself fell in this fight. Bishop Kirill buried his body at the Rostov cathedral; two years later, it was with great solemnity transferred to the Vladimir Uspenie (Dormition) cathedral. And in 1645 occurred the Church glorification of the saint.

1996-2001 by translator Fr. S. Janos.

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Holy Nobleborn
Prince George (Georgii, diminutive Yurii)

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