Sunday February 25, 2018 / February 12, 2018

First Sunday of the Great Lent: Triumph of Orthodoxy. Tone five.
Great Lent. Food with Oil

"Cyprus" Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos from the village Staromniy, Moscow region (movable holiday on the 1st Sunday of the Great Lent).
Iveron Icon (Moscow) of the Most Holy Theotokos (9th c.).
St. Meletius, archbishop of Antioch (381).
St. Alexis, metropolitan of Moscow and wonderworker of all Russia (1378).
St. Meletius, archbishop of Kharkov (1840).
New Hieromartyr Alexius (Buy), bishop of Voronezh (1930).
New Martyr Mitrophan, archpriest (1931).
Venerable Mary, nun (who was called Marinus), and her father, St. Eugene, monk, at Alexandria (6th c.).
St. Anthony II, patriarch of Constantinople (895).
Saint Meletios of Lardos, Founder of Ypseni Monastery (19th c.).
Venerable Bassian, disciple of St. Paisius of Uglich and abbot of Ryabovsky Forest Monastery, Uglich (1509).
Callia, righteous.
Venerable Gertrude of Nijvel, abbess (659) (Neth.).
St. Ethilwald of Lindisfarne (740) (Celtic & British).
New Martyr Chrestos at Constantinople (1748) (Greek).
Martyrs Saturnius and Plotonus (Greek).
Hieromartyr Urban us, bishop of Rome (223-230).
Holy Fathers Prokhore the Georgian (11th c.), Luka (Mukhaidze) of Jerusalem (1277), Nikoloz Dvali (1314), ànd the Holy Fathers of the Georgian Monasteries in Jerusalem (Georgia).

The Scripture Readings

Luke 24:12-35 (5th Matins Gospel)
Hebrews 11:24-26, 11:32-12:2
John 1:43-51
Philippians 2:5-11 Theotokos
Luke 10:38-42; 11:27-28 Theotokos
Hebrews 13:17-21 St. Alexis
Luke 6:17-23 St. Alexis


The First Sunday of Great Lent, Troparion, Tone II —
We worship Thy immaculate Image, O Good One, and ask forgiveness of our sins, O Christ God; for of Thy own will Thou wast pleased to ascend the Cross in the flesh, to deliver from slavery to the enemy those whom Thou hadst created. Therefore we thankfully cry to Thee: Thou hast filled all things with joy, O our Saviour, by coming to save the world.

Kontakion, Tone VIII —
The illimitable Word of the Father accepted limitations by incarnation from thee, O Mother of God; and He transformed our defiled image to its original state and transfused it with the divine beauty. But we confess and give thanks for our salvation, and we proclaim it by deed and word.

Troparion of the Sunday, Tone V —
Let us, the faithful, praise and worship the Word, / Co-eternal with the Father and the Spirit, / born for our salvation from the Virgin, / for He willed to be lifted up on the cross in the flesh, / to endure death / and to raise the dead by His glorious resurrection.

Hymn to the Theotokos, Tone V —
Rejoice, O impassable gate of the Lord! / Rejoice, O wall and protection of those who run to you! / Rejoice, O unshakable refuge! / Rejoice, O Virgin Mother of your God and Creator! / Do not cease praying for those who praise you and worship your Son. (1x) Blessed be the name of the Lord, henceforth and forever more.

Kontakion of the Sunday, Tone V —
Thou didst descend into hell, O my Savior, / shattering its gates as almighty; / resurrecting the dead as Creator, / and destroying the sting of death. / Thou hast delivered Adam from the curse, O Lover of Man, / and we all cry to Thee: "O Lord, save us!"

St. Meletius, Patriarch of Antioch the Great, Troparion, Tone IV —
The truth of things revealed thee to thy flock as a rule of faith,/ a model of meekness and a teacher of abstinence/ wherefore thou hast attained the heights through humility/ and riches through poverty.// O hierarch Meletius our father, entreat Christ God that our souls be saved.

Kontakion, Tone VI —
Fearing the boldness of thy spirit,/ the apostate Macedonius fleeth;/ but we, thy servants, celebrating a service of prayer to thee,/ have recourse to thee with love, O Meletius, conversor with the angels,/ fiery sword of Christ our God who cuttest down all the ungodly;// and we hymn thee as a beacon enlightening all.

St. Alexis, metropolitan of Moscow, Troparion, in Tone VIII —
Hastening to thy precious shrine, O holy hierarch Alexis, divinely wise wonder-worker, assembling with love, we celebrate with splen­dor the memory of thee who art equally en­throned with the apostles, the all-good physi­cian, the right pleasing servant; and we rejoice with songs and hymns, glorifying Christ Who hath given thee such grace to heal and bestowed upon thy city so great a bulwark.

Another troparion, in Tone IV —
Celebrating the memory of the all-blessed and holy hierarch Alexis, the careful preserver of the dogmas of the apostles, the shepherd and teacher of the Church of Russia, let us glorify with right fitting hymnody Christ our God Who hath given us His favored one as an abundant well-spring pouring forth healings, the boast and confirmation of the city of Moscow.

Kontakion, in Tone VIII, "To thee, the champion leader..." —
O all ye people, hymning with faith the new wonder-worker Alexis, the godly and all-honor­able hierarch of Christ, let us bless him with love, as a great pastor, an all-wise minister and teacher of the land of Russia. And hastening today to his memorial, let us joyfully give utter­ance to a hymn to the God-bearer: As thou hast boldness before God, deliver us from multifari­ous evil circumstances, that we may cry to thee: Rejoice, O confirmation of our city!